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Weekly Updates of “The Future of Travel” with Founder Mark Phillips 02.9.20

Mark Phillips the founder of Nomad Stays coming to you live from the Rhone-Alps in France for a weekly update of Travel.

What is covered in this update

🌎 Northern Summer now finished

    1. Distinct dropoff of bookings
    2. Many properties telling us they have forward bookings for next summer
    3. But they expect cancellations
    4. Last-minute bookings and deals still a thing to look for now

✈️ More airline pressure with more staff losses. Qantas in Australia saying probably won’t fly to the US until a vaccine found

🌎 Borders closures tightening a bit more as a result of uptick now northern Summer finished

🌎 Victoria Australia’s outbreak has peaked and numbers dropping again.

  • State borders still closed but more a reflection of politics than health

🌎 Still seeing a number of travel companies fold

    • But Airbnb is doing its IPO
    • will be interesting how much the investors buy their story

🏨Travel booking getting interesting with more smaller hotels going online

      1. Still seeing relatively low online use in much of EU, e.g only 37% of this region using Facebook
      2. Lots of online travel operators going out of business or pivoting too
      3. Makes harder to find your travel experiences
      4. Rates still low

🏨 People’s acceptance of isolation after a foreign journey.

        1. Seems ok for many as they’re working from home


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