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Weekly Update of “The Future of Travel” With Founder Mark Phillips 27.8.20

Mark Phillips coming to you live from the cliff side overlooking the Rhone River in France (Aussie in France)

Each week Mark comes to you live to talk about the future of travel. Currently we are based in the Rhone-Alps where throughout COVID 19 and we have also based ourselves here because we are Australians who have moved to France taking up the French Tech Visa; that’s another story altogether but for now let’s stick to the future of travel convo.

What is covered in this Live chat:

The Future of Travel – 27 August 2020

🏨 Nomad Stays uptick in application




β˜€οΈNorthern Summer almost over before it began

πŸ–οΈ Moves to extend Holidays and extend summer demand

🏨 Occupancy dropping off in Canada

😷 The uptick from community infections around the world

πŸ’ƒ Dancing banned in parts of Australia

πŸ˜” 6-month jail terms for border breaches

🌎 Updates from Thailand and Indonesia to remain closed until 2021

🌎 USA quietly dropped it’s border closures except for China

🌎 Reporting season for listed companies & government

πŸ’΅ 2 billion dollar loss by Qantas, more staff sackings

πŸ’΅ Nearly a billion-dollar deficit from act smallest

πŸ›©οΈ A number of travel startups have pivoted out of travel

πŸ’΅ More recession coming

πŸ’΅ Also M & A activity up (mergers & acquisitions) Expect more M&A

πŸ•οΈHipcamp USA buying Youcamp AUS


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